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We make the search for health care personal and engaging for you.

Our Story

The team at MynewMD talks with a lot of moms, soon-to-be and current. You are amazing individuals and that is reason enough, but you've been helping us solve a really big problem. Discovering the right health care for your pregnancy is incredibly difficult.

Sure, you can use friends, family, and provider recommendations, but these people do not know every provider, every detail, every choice, and every option currently available to you. You deserve something better.

You also have large online directories that provide generic information, like the provider's phone number, gender, and education. They don't provide information about the choices that matter most to your pregnancy, let alone search tools built specifically to help you make a decision.

So we decided to make a site just for soon-to-be moms. We asked what you wanted to know, gathered it, curated it, and built an awesome site to help you explore it. Now you can find health care that matches your personal preferences and needs easily.

And it will get even better with help from current moms, because some of the information you wanted to know isn't available anywhere online. If you are a current mom, please visit our "Share Your Story" page. Expectant moms want to learn from your pregnancy and birth experiences.

Big Picture

MynewMD is a place where providers can describe the services and experiences they offer, the community can provide descriptive information on the care they received (no star ratings here), and you can take advantage of our website that puts all this information together to help you discover the right health care.

From the Community

"I feel like I know exactly what it would be like if I went to this provider."
- Boston Mom using MynewMD

"This type of website definitely targets a felt need that I've heard voiced all over the country."
- Cheryl Stone, a national health care market researcher and strategist for 25 years

Our Present and Future

We currently feature certified obstetricians in the Boston-area, and the facilities they work with. We intend to add other physicians, midwives, doulas and other groups. If you are a provider or facility that would like expectant moms to find you or your services on our site, please go to the bottom and "send us a note." We will also add more ways to explore your options and expand to other cities across the country.

Full disclosure

You probably noticed the lack of advertisements on our website. Well, we intend to keep it that way. Instead of advertisements, we work with providers to help them improve their health care services. We look at the different ways our users use our website to find health care. We depersonalize and combine all the data and share it with health care providers to help them understand the needs of patients in the area. Your privacy is extremely important to us. We do not share any personal information without your explicit and purposeful consent. Period.